Crystal Healing

If you are interested in a Crystal Healing session please get in touch - send me an e-mail on  or  call me/send a text on +44 7761 479394  or use my social media links

Crystal Healing is vibrational healing, so is any healing really. Crystals have a strong connection to earth as they come from her. Nevertheless they also often help to form a link with higher self, angelic, galactic and spirit energies. They can be very helpful in meditation, they help to improve and change energies in homes and they can be excellent protectors. 

Crystals can be used to improve and energise drinking water, and elixirs can be made with them too. Crystal grids are a very powerful way to focus (and support) energies for specific goals, particularly long term. 

There are many areas of application where our crystal friends can be helpful or healing.

I personally love to combine crystals and sound as they form a beautiful and very effective synergy. A combination with essential oils is also very beneficial.


I am a Certified Crystal Practitioner, graduated from Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.

Crystal Healing sessions currently are only available via distance healing.

One session takes approximately 75-90 minutes, if you work with me for the first time it will probably take a little longer.

Energy works whether we are in the same room or thousands of miles apart, therefore distance healing has the same effect as in-person treatments.

After the appointment is booked I will send you a few documents to read through and to complete. We will then discuss those and I will ask about what you would like to achieve with the session, respectively if there are specific issues/topics you would like to address. 

I will work with a proxy on your chakras and follow generally the same process as if we were in the same room. I will take a picture of the crystals used and explain what I found. Furthermore I will relay any additional information/messages or perceptions in case I had those while working in your energy field.

I will answer questions if you have any, also I will give recommendations what you can do to keep your chakras balanced, or how you can strengthen weak chakras if I found any.