SOMHjewellery - Crystal & Wire Jewellery

(SOMH = song of my heart)


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The jewellery I create is hand made with the energy of love and specific intentions.

I use intentional forms or symbols and crystals that work in synergy with the shape, as both emit vibrational energy which has an effect on the body and energy field. Of course the intention it was made with also plays a role.


Intention is a powerful energy, most important in any healing work and any form of creation. I like to use symbols or inspired forms by them, which are rooted in the Celtic and Maori tradition because I feel most connected to those. By using specific crystals I bring the energy of it into the creation as well. Sometimes I use both elements, sometimes I work with symbols/forms or the crystal on its own.


You can purchase my jewellery through my Etsy shop (please click the link above) or you can get in touch with me directly.

I also take custom orders if they are within the scope of my work. I love creating unique items that are tailored to the client.


Here are current items for sale and some custom orders I have made in the past:




Custom Orders