Sound Balance

Sound has been used in many ancient traditions for healing ceremonies, in form of chanting, singing, drumming, and a variety of sound instruments. Specific frequencies are created which can support/trigger healing, or have alleviating effects. It has been studied that (particularly classic) music can have positive effects on humans and animals. The frequency used plays an important role, and as it can be used for the good it can just as well be used for negative purposes; there are harmonising/healing but also disrupting/irritating frequencies. 


Our bodies are made of 70-80% water, and it is easily brought in resonance with sound waves. It is also an excellent conductor and carrier of information, therefore it is rather important which frequencies and sounds we expose ourselves to.

Also the bones in the body transport the sound, sometimes my clients feel the vibration in a totally different part of the body than I am working on.

We may have noticed after having spent several hours in a very noisy or loud environment that we feel drained or just not well. We may have a need afterwards to be in silence for some time, to re-balance our system. We may feel uplifted after listening to specific music or songs; here we can see the immediate impact sound can have on our emotions and mood. It is the same with smell, it is connected to the limbic system which is the seat of emotion in the brain.


Singing bowls and tuning forks (TFs), or a combination of both can be used to balance chakras or help bring relief with physical or emotional ailments. Particularly weighted tuning forks can be used as additional components in body work.

A sound balance or sound bath can be extremely relaxing and de-stressing. Also pain relief can be achieved by using either singing bowls or tuning forks. 

I have used successfully tuning forks for my headaches when little else helped, in combination with essential oils and Hydrosols.

I personally love to use tuning forks in combination with crystals every day in my spiritual routine. They create together an amazing synergy.


Furthermore I like to combine tuning forks and singing bowls with other modalities. As they are highly effective to break up stubborn energy blocks I often integrate them in Crystal Healings or any other method. Here I would use the unweighted TFs as they work foremost in the energy field.

The weighted tuning forks are great in combination with massage, very helpful for pain relief and relaxing tight muscles - here the 50Hz is very useful. 


Sound Balance sessions currently are only available online. One session takes approximately 75 minutes, if you work with me for the first time it will probably take a little longer. I will work with a proxy on your chakras and energy field, while you lie down comfortably and listen to the singing bowls (best with earphones). 

Afterwards I will relay any additional information/messages or perceptions in case I had those while working in your energy field.


I will answer questions if you have any, also I give recommendations what you can do at home to re-balance your system.

If you are interested in a Sound Balance Session please get in touch - either send me an e-mail on  or  call me/send a text on +44 7761 479394  or use my social media links


In the near future I will put free samples of sound baths on YouTube.

These are Tibetan Full Moon Singing Bowls, with the engraving "OM Mane Padme Hum", so the phrase swings with the bowl every time it is played.
The frequencies of the bowls are Sacral Chakra, Heart/Throat Chakra and 3rd Eye.


Our bodies consist of around 80% water, one way how singing bowls work is that the water in our bodies is brought into vibration and resonance. 
Dr. Masaru Emoto photographed frozen water crystals after exposing them to specific words, and the positive vibration ones formed beautiful crystals, whereas negative ones resulted in distorted forms. This shows how important it is what we expose ourselves to, but also what words we speak and think!

The large Crystal Singing bowl has the frequency of the Root Chakra, so has the Tibetan Bowl at the very bottom.

All other singing bowls cover various chakras of the body in various octaves.

This is a set of Otto Tuning Forks, they are weighted as they are mostly applied directly on the body. The weights direct the vibration more vertically into the body. The frequencies are 32Hz, 64Hz and 128Hz - the smaller the number the longer the tuning fork.

The 32Hz is helpful around issues with the head (I have used it often on myself), the 128Hz is good for pains in joints.